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Get The Best House Washing In Beaverton OR

If you’ve been a Beaverton resident for any length of time, you know just how tough the local weather can be on your home’s exterior surfaces. At some point or another, you’ll need to do something about all that unwanted organic growth and built-up dirt that’s caked onto your home’s siding. Waiting too long to wash your home properly means running the risk of losing your property’s curb appeal and experiencing premature deterioration. At Skyline Softwash, we provide expert house washing in Beaverton, OR, and the Portland area that is effective, reliable, cost-effective, and completely eco-friendly. Call today for a quick, personalized quote!

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Get The Best House Washing in Beaverton OR

stucco house washing

Time to get your home's exterior surfaces cleaned? You can count on our expert technicians at Skyline Softwash to pay special attention to your stucco surfaces with our effective and reliable house soft washing. Your home's stucco can get pretty dingy and dirty over time -- the thing is, trying to clean your stucco yourself can result in unintentional damages, so give us a call instead.
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vinly siding cleaning

We use low-pressure techniques to clean your vinyl siding, and our technicians rely on specific cleaning agents to get rid of organic growths that have built up on your vinyl trim. Beaverton’s humid, rainy weather makes it easy for microorganisms to build up on vinyl. If you've noticed that your vinyl siding is covered in unwanted organic material, it's time to give us a call.
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hardie board cleaning

Hardie boards are durable, attractive, and can last for many years. So, it doesn't make sense to let problems with your Hardie boards go unchecked. Rust and dirt can accumulate on your boards and can be difficult to get rid of. We use a mixture of special cleaning agents and low levels of water pressure to clean your Hardie boards without compromising their delicate surface.
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Why Choose Our House Washing Services?

At Skyline Softwash, we’re proud to offer reliable house washing in Beaverton, OR, and all surrounding areas. We rely on eco-friendly detergents to clean your home and low-pressure streams of water to rinse away the lifted grime safely. Our soft house washing techniques pose no risk of damaging your home and are more effective at removing stains than other cleaning methods. Our technicians are extensively trained and experienced, giving you the added benefit of knowing your home is in safe hands when working with us. Get your free quote based on your specific needs by giving us a call or clicking the quote button!

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Maxwell Jeong

House Washing in Beaverton OR

I would highly recommend Skyline Softwash. The pressure washing and house washing work went by quickly and efficiently. My house and driveway look great and they took the time to explain the differences between the mold and mildew issues I had which I appreciated. Thank you!


Jimmy Francis

House Washing Beaverton

It was really easy scheduling and working with Skyline. They pressure washed my driveway and did a house wash. When the tech came out he did a thorough walkthrough of my homes exterior and clearly talked through his process. The driveways turned out incredible with all the moss completely removed like it wasn’t even there. The bit of green growth and debris around the house siding was all removed and he even took the time to make sure that the areas he worked around my yard were left as clean or cleaner than before. I highly recommend their pressure washing and house washing service. I will use them again in the future.


Trevor Tseng

House Washing Beaverton OR

Skyline just did a full soft wash on my house and it looks incredible. The tech, Cj, was incredibly thorough with house washing and took the time to explain to me his process and set all expectations up front. One side of my house had green mildew or algae all over the top of the siding and I was amazed to see it all gone after I walked through when he was done. It looked like new paint! I will being using them again for my gutter cleaning later in the year and I would highly recommend anyone to give them a call.


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Our Oregon Service Area

We service the entire Washington County and surrounding cities. Our technicians are trained professionals and ready to fix your garage door in the first visit.

We Offer The Best House Washing in Washington County

Frequently Asked House Washing Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Our house washing in Beaverton, OR, follows a process that is one hundred percent eco-friendly thanks to the extremely low volatile organic compounds emissions that our cleaning agents give off. On top of that, our washing process uses a relatively low amount of water for added environmental consciousness.

House washing services can only affect your home’s landscaping on rare occasions but highly unlikely with our years of expertise. At Skyline Softwash, all of our expert cleaning technicians know the appropriate cleaning detergents and pressure levels to avoid as much as possible damaging your landscaping. Plus, our detergents are safe and do biodegrade and we do everything we can to minimize any damage to your landscaping, but at the end of the day no professional can guarantee 100% and you should be wary of any company that says otherwise. There are many factors to consider such as wind, overspray, and ambient temperature.

Nope! At least, you don’t need to be – we don’t require that our customers be at home while we’re working. In fact, most homeowners with whom we work typically are away while we’re treating their properties. If you prefer to be home, we do our best to work around your schedule and provide an experience that’s as convenient as possible.

We suggest scheduling an appointment for our house soft washing at a time that’s convenient for you. As long as it’s warmer than 40 degrees outside, we won’t have any issues washing your home to remove organic material. In fact, warm weather positively affects our cleaning agents and allows us to clean faster.

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